Monday, October 27, 2008

4 More Days...& Counting=)

My Crib- Where Ideas turns Reality *winks*

Music to me is something which i have eventually grew to love and also find my passion through. I must say i have been very blessed to be introduced and given the opportunity to learn both the piano and violin. Growing up, i have always been asked this question: " Is it hard to learn?"
Well, i must say the answer is there are definitely ups and downs whenever u wanna do or achieve anything. The ups are probably the "Rewards" my mum gives after i got through an exam. The downs are probablty the preparations towards the exams. A total opposite. Nevertheless, i have my mum to thank you to for pushing me through the years. Is not easy for her knowing im sometimes quite naughty too. But Thanks mum!=)

Anyway, is monday evening & Also Deepavali night ( Happy Deepavali to all Indian friends! *Gaya who is an indian friend of mine which i used to go her house nearby for Muruku, wherever u are, I wish you the very best k and Happy Deepavali! )Nothing feels better then just chilling out at home cum studio working on some new ideas/ demos, updating my stuffs and practice for my upcoming show this weekend in Bangkok Jazz! ( Scroll down for information ). We just had rehearsals this morning and i must say its definitely refreshing to feel and experience the "REAL" music again....woohoo! Before Bangkok Jazz, i would be heading for Jewellery Time show@ Paragon, Singapore to perform 3 of my original compositions=)

Alrighty guys.
See ya soon! *Hopefully this week k & Do RSVP on Facebook k*

Also, Special thanks to dear Steph who has recently helped me in many ways *winks*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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