Friday, October 10, 2008

World Animal Day by the Furry Friends Farm@ Bangsar Village

Dear all,
i had 3 shows last sat, one for a lunch, another a charity event in the evening and night a wedding.
I was then dead sloshed at the end of the day but erm Happy!=)
Talking about charity event, I felt indeed an honored to be able to do my part and be invited to perform for this very wonderful event: World Animal Day by the Furry Friends Farm=)
To cut a long story short, i was actually invited by Sabrina, the founder and the person managing Furry Friends Farm who is a figure and someone i really respect for being able to dedicate a life to these wonderful animals. I personally love dogs especially the strays. And well, i have saved two dogs on the street before..One which unfortunately i have to put to sleep because of the rising cost of the vet and the handicap of it( she can't walk and was sick terribly) and another dislocated her left hind legs so i took it to the vet and now is being adopted by my good friend, Andrew.
Anyway, recently my parents and I saved a pregnant dog who was actually loitering outside our home, which we named Dollar. Due to unforeseen circumstances which we could not take her in as we have Megan( My house dog ), We would have to send Dollar to Furry Friends Farm in which we now pay a monthly fees of RM30 per dog you saved. For Dollar is a lil more as she gave birthday to 4 puppies the other day. Money is definitely not the issue in these situations but is the life of the animals or rather i would say a living creature. Im sure most of ya would hear the phrase: " Dogs are like Humans"
Anyway, the event last sat, i got to meet a whole lot of lovely and wonderful ppl whom we share the same passion- to provide a better place for these animals=), I met emcee KC Yap who did a wonderful introduction of myself (Thanks KC!) & Mr. Salehin who is also an animal lover..=)
Finally, before you scroll down for the pics below, i would like to urge of everyone of ya to continue supporting and thank the Independent Pet Rescuers & the Furry Friends Farm for providing these animals a better life and place to live as i vow to do my part too! Bravo!


Me & Dollar, my adopted Pet=) Muackss!!

Some of the pets in the event.....=)

Pretty Poodle=)

Pretty Black Poodle

The Puppies up for adoption...

Dennis & Dollar #2

Jimmy Sax & Dennis Lau

Dennis Lau

KC Yap & Dollar=)

3 Legged dog

Heading back to the Farm =(

Me & Sabrina Yeap, the kindest heart of all hearts..She's the one whos taking care of Dollar and the rest of the dogs in her farm which she's actually handling it all by herself, love ya muchie Sab & you have my upmost respect!=)

For more pics: heres the link-

P/S: "You Gotta Know" is almost done in completion and im kinda targeting a few shows lined up to launch and to have it as a testing ground for this song=)
Wish me luck!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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