Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dynamic Duo@ Singapore Flyer!

I'm backk..Finally again to Malaysian Soil after a 5 day stint performance in Singapore...i have to say, everytime i go down to Singapore for work, it never fails to bring me joy, amazement, and most of all a wealthful of experience both musically & personally back to my humble home!=)..............Thanks to the wonderful musicians & friends there like Kewei, Jonathan, Tat Tong, etc..
Tell ya what, i would let the pics below do justices this time round=)

Day 1: Jamming with Kewei, Jonathan & Daniel in indochine, Express Place. Highly recommended for the city view & Ambiance.

Day 2 Afternoon: Recording in Tat's Place my new song..
Currently is untitled yet..but hopefully the inspiration would come..

" Just minus 2db off the track, & you'll be Golden.." Tat Tong's Quote

Day 2: Wedding GiG in Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore.=)
p/s: the guy on the far left, Alfredo is a Jackie Cheung & Andy Lau Impersonator. Or should i say Singing Sensation=)

Anyway, Day 3: -Lufthansa Airline Launch-

Now u Dont see it..

Now you Doo...Was trying to take as though im flying in the sky( Have to suck my leg in & Fly!!), Thanks to Jon/ Keyboardist, u're the man!=)

Wedding Couple shot..seriously aint it?

I could live here 24/7, 365 a year.=)

Lufthansa Airlines

Me & Sonja, the Marketing Manager

There were Ballet Dancers...

Night View~

This is seriously Not fUnNY~

Specially from LA


She's Dropping...


Finally- Our Erhu & Violin Duet=)...Catch it First time ever & Live@ Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square, Kuala Lumpur, 27th & 28th June, 2008.

The Flyer Experience=)

The View~

On top of the World..=)


Dennis & Kewei=)

Again, this trip round was indeed very productive. I would be back in Singapore again next weekend for some shows and ultimately the Lunchbox concert in Esplanade, Singapore on the June 24th, 2008. So anyone who would be there, Singaporeans, Malaysians, or Anyone...pls do swing by to support god Original music!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

p/s: Videos on my Post stay tuned!=)


risakoying said...
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catsndogs said...

nice combintion of erhu n violin ..
hope to see ya at bangkok jazz 28the june ??? ....
all the best