Thursday, June 5, 2008

Videos Galore~

Many thanks to Stephanie for helping me with the video editing and compressing of 2 of my videos. The one taken in Korea was taken sometime last year where my first ever jazz band, the Ragged Tigers performed there. I havent actually review the video and this is my first time seeing it in like 9 months! Certainly it brought back sweet memories,, in fact, i should say Cold memories as we played in like temperatures below 10 celcius....and Outdoors in the mountains!
So, you know what i did? i have to do pumpings before i start going on stage. This show in Korea was particularly very memorable for me as we, the Ragged Tigers performed and brought Malaysian music to another country which i think is something to be proud of especially when u see the appreciation frm the ppl of another country=)
The next video is one of the songs i performed for the Motorola event few weeks back in Laundry bar. This song is the first song i ever wrote titled "I Just Wanna"
Kinda like a funk ballad!=)

Enjoy fellow earthlings!

The Ragged Tigers- Keris@ Gumi, Korea

Dennis Lau- I Just Wanna@ Laundry

More videos in the next post...with the full version of Prelude in F minor too!*winks*
Anyway, today i just did a show in KL Convention Center with the TUDM Orchestra backing me up. These ppl are the most disciplined musicians i ever come across, with proper set up, scores, and most importantly, ON TIME!=)Its truly an honored to work with them, hopefully we have more gigs coming up soon....
Here are some camewhore moments with Atilia Sarani & Juanita in which they sang during the show..hehe
Well, again in my favorite white suit every time i do a Malay are the pics:

Dennis & Atilia Sarani Reunited*grins*

Dennis & Juanita

Me & my Sound Engineer Bro of Mosaic Music Entertainment, Edwin!=)

Joke of the day: An old musician friend whom i bumped into today asked me

Peter Raj, Age 60:" Eh Dennis, How r you man? Wah,, long time no Married ar?"

ME: -_-" Do i Look and act as if im married? lolx

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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