Saturday, June 14, 2008

Werner's Official Launch Party@ Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Yoo Peeps!

Alright, i got to say last night in Werner's was a Blastt!!
Crowd was good, drinks were good, food was good, Music was top notch!!what else? cigars?haha
Anyway, i should give a my deepest gratitude to both Syed & Andreas for inviting me over to perform my originals. It was nevertheless a great time to see the public to appreciate what i love doing: Music!
Anyway, aside from me performing my songs, Werner's got DJ Mike frm the UK & Steve Jarrett frm the land down under to bring up the music to another level. As a musician myself, im starting to crave for the live rave/ electronic music which has previously not really my thang. But yest, maybe after some highness in jamming with both mike & Steve, it really did changed my perception towards it. As one say, one have to experience it to Feel it! which i think is very truee.....=)

Thank you all to the crowd and ppl who attended this very special Launch and make it all possible with your laughters, antics & introductions!=)

Andreas of Werner's hospitality in taking care of his guests is beyond words and undoubtedly one of the best host i came across. The next time, im gonna throw a party, probably on the 9th of September, Werner's the place!*winks*

Wifey, Syed & Dennis

Dennis & Pamela

Dennis & Kid Chan

Marina & Dennis

Andreas- Club Owner/ Bartender Extraordinaire/ Djay


Dennis & Steve

Andreas, Andreas! Werners Werners!


Thanks Syed for this=)

I told the Crowd to raise their hands and cheers, cos i wanna Remember this night! Friday the Thirteen

thanks =)

We Are Family!

You guys might think im high on something when im updating this blog and the pics..=)
But no, Im not, im just plain happy that all went well=)
Thank you to "you" for keeping me company though!*winks*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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Katarzyna said...

wow . nice post . loving da piczz =] werner's really roxz .... (well of course it does , its my daddys place) Teehee >.< Andreas is a great guy .

P.S >> thnx for supporting ma daddy !!