Thursday, June 26, 2008

QBE Insurance Awards Night@ Damai Beach Resort, Sarawak

Visit Sarawak 2008. Truly Malaysia~
Dear all, this is gonna be a short post as im currently preparing for tmr's show in Bangkok Jazz and setting up my new studio at home..=) woohoo!
Would be showing ya some pics of my home studio once its done setting up and all tuned up!
Anyway last week, I was invited to perform in Sarawak last week, to be specific, Kuching....probably 45 mins off the city in this beach resort called Damai Beach Resort.=)
To be honest, i have absolutely no idea whats this show about and what is it for. All i know is im required to perform 3 of my original compositions in it.
Brian, my buddy who is a conductor/ music director and fellow violinist extraordinaire was the one who got me this show...
To elaborate more, its actually an award presentation ceremony for QBE Insurance, an Australlian based company. Most of the audiences invited were elderly gentlemen, along with some ladies as well of cos and the night was themed "SHANGHAI NIGHT!" Our entourage frm Kuala Lumpur consist of Local Shanghai/ Jazz songstress Janet Lee, Brian Tan & the Vivas and of cos me myself.
I had the opportunity to watch Brian performed at his best and it was in fact my first time watching him play live..I must say, it was mind blowing!!

String Quartet~

Dennis Lau Electric Violinist

Dennis Lau & Janet Lee

Dennis & Gevans ( QBE Insurance's CEO )

The next morning, we visited the cultural village, just 5 mins drive frm our hotel..It was fun and definitely worth exploring the culture, nature, enviroment, food, etc...=)

Me & My bro- Brian Tan ( Fellow Violinist & KL Pac Conductor )

I tried=)

Tradition Instruments~


Rumah Melayu

See the Resemblance?=)



Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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