Saturday, June 21, 2008

-Mensfolio Shoot & Project DDD-

Dearest peeps!
I had an amazing 2 days in Kuching..Not only being accompanied by my other wonderful bunch of musicians friends but also the hospitality of the Sarawak ppl...would update more about it on my next post...the time now is 5.13am and i have promised myself to at least blog about a photoshoot i had on tuesday=)
I had the privilledge and honored to be interviewed by Mensfolio along with a photoshoot session. Due released in the month of September 2008! so kindly pls be on the look out for it k..
Other artistes involved are Atilia Haron & the Award Winning band, Estranged!
P/S: Nicole( Formally from Rhapsody) interviewed me and i must say that though as friends, and never meet that often, her voice & editor skills/ writing really compliments each other!=)
Heres a Sneak Peak:

Besides that, you can check out this new project where Daniel Tan & David Lai and I, Dennis are
As promised in my earlier post: here's one of the songs of my currently in recording process album, Prelude in F minor (Full Version)

Jimmy Sax, im missing you man.....This song was meant for us..


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau


mint said...

I love this song.. hehe.. oneday.. u must come to australia and release ur album :p

Lynn said...

You are extraordinary!!!

***cinDee*** said...

wow.. beautifully played... hmm F minor cool.